Abhiram Reddy 

Abhiram Reddy is a junior pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations with a minor in Economics. In addition to SCIR, he serves as the Vice-President of Trojan Model United Nations, and was the Secretary-General of Trojan Model United Nations 2018. Abhiram is an active member of MUNSC, USC’s nationally ranked MUN travel team. His research interests include the intersections between regional security and trade in East and Southeast Asia.




Lisa de Ràfols 

Lisa de Ràfols is a senior double majoring in Economics and International Relations.  She is interested in the intersection between economic development, human migration, and autocratic governments.  Lisa works as a research assistant for the Lab on Non-Democratic Politics, serves as the Vice President of the professional foreign service fraternity Delta Phi Epsilon, and is a Trip Leader for Peaks and Professors.  She spent the summer working at a family support center for refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos.





Breana Stanski

Breana Stanski is a freshman studying International Relations and Spanish. Her interests include the causes and effects of refugee crises, globalization, climate change, and the intersection between creative writing and migration patterns. In addition to SCIR, Breana is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, USC’s professional foreign service fraternity, as well as a writer for SPEC Magazine, USC’s style and culture publication.



Sagar Tiwari

Sagar Tiwari is a freshman majoring Computer Science and Business Administration, with prospective minors in Theater or Political Science. His research interests include proxy warfare in the Middle East and the rise of nationalist regimes in the European Union. In addition to SCIR, Sagar is an active member of USC’s Model UN team, Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, and 180 Degrees Consulting.




Alina Mehdi

Alina Mehdi is a freshman majoring in Political Science. Her interests include immigration law and the role of the US in Middle Eastern instability. Eventually, she hopes to pursue a minor in Mathematics or Economics as well. In addition to SCIR, she is currently a tutor through the Joint Educational Project and is an active member of USC’s Muslim Student Union.